General Information
Species Flarauna
Home Planet Xenon
Flors Verdance
Body Humanoid Plant
Abilities Plant Merging
Explosive Seeds
Size Alteration
Body Alteration
Sharp Thorn Claws
Vine Generation
Gas Immunity
Hypnosis Immunity
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Digging
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Flexibility
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker

Wildvine is the Ultimatrix MK10's DNA sample of a Florauna from the planets Flors Verdance and Xenon.


Ben as Wildvine

In The New Omniverse, Wildvine regains the color of his Ultimate Alien self. He now has only four legs instead of five, and his fingers are much shorter and thicker. Wildvine now regains the bulbs on his shoulders, now having the color similar to those on his hands. He also now has a blue tongue, his teeth are more neat and his chin is bigger. Wildvine wears the Ultimatrix MK10 symbol on a green and black belt. He speaks with a higher voice comparable to a 1960s-era hippie.

Albedo as Wildvine

He has the same appearance as in Omniverse.

Powers and Abilities

Wildvine can grow and retract his body and can merge with plant life. He can also grow vines to trap others, which appear to be his fingers coming off.

Wildvine can merge with plant life, including Earth trees. He can also change his color in order to camouflage better. He can make body parts, notably his head, appear on the plant he merges with.

Wildvine can grow seeds on his back that contain a whole host of substances (lethal and non-lethal). As shown before, his seeds can also grow vines.

Wildvine also possesses enhanced strength, and is able to regenerate his body if it's damaged.

Wildvine can grow thorns on his body.

Wildvine is capable of quickly tunneling underground.

As shown, Wildvine is immune to the effects of gases, such as a flame retardant.

As shown before, Wildvine cannot be hypnotized.


Wildvine's vines can be tangled, as shown when he fighting Kuphulu.


  • In Plant Buddies, Ben acquired the DNA sample for Wildvine.
  • In A New Future, Ben used Wildvine to stop Eon from punching Ben 10,000.

By Ken


By Ken


  • Credits to CaT for his design.

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