The New Omniverse
Season 3, Episode 2
Air date TBA
Written by Creeper
Directed by Creeper
Episode Guide

While most Atasians have accepted their new forms, a group of Extremists, under the name 'The Pure' seek revenge.


A cloaked figure approaches the Council of Atasians.

Reinrassic III: Who are you? Nobody is allowed in here without clearance.

Cloaked Figure: I'm here to make a pickup. Ever heard of Superbia?

Council Member: He is a serial killer, infused with Celestialsapien DNA, which made him more dangerous. What do you need with him?

Cloaked Figure: He's my boss.

The figure pulls down his cloak to reveal an Atasian with Nemunia colors. He shoots a stream of dust at the Council, which knocks them out. He drags one over to a maximum lockdown cell, which scans his fingerprint. It unlocks, and a black Atasian walks out.

Superbia: Well done Luxuria. You have served me well. Now let us go, gather the others. Augstaka will feel our wrath.

Luxuria: What of our new prisoners?

Superbia: There are no prisoners.

Theme Song

Fade in to Ben chilling out with a smoothie. The Ultimatrix MK10 beeps.

Ultimatrix MK10: Incoming transmission...

A picture of Reinrassic III pops up on the screen.

Reinrassic III: Ben-Ben Tennyson, you are our only hope. Augstaka is under attack by a group of extremists known as 'The Pure'. The Plumbers are unavailable, so bring any help that you can!

The hologram disappears, and Ben taps the Ultimatrix MK10, making a hologram of Gwen and Kevin come up. They seen to be fighting an offscreen enemy.

Gwen: You a ba...d time! Xenocytes have taken over Incarcercon, we're dealing with the space division, while the Plumbers are in the Null Void. Sorry.

The hologram goes blank.

Ben: Is anyone available?!

Another hologram comes up, concealed by Ben's arm.

Ben: Of course.

Cut to Ben meeting Michael Morningstar in an alleyway. He activates the Ultimatrix MK10, showing the hologram of Ghostfreak

Ben: Try anything funny and I'll tear out your soul. First things first, how did you get out of jail?

Michael: It's funny, but heroes always seem to think that all jail sentences are life sentences. My sentence was for a year, so I did my time, and got let out.

Ben raises an eyebrow at this, but accepts this.

Ben: I'm only agreeing to this because your the only help I can get. We need to go to Augstaka.

Michael: Another planet?! I'm not an alien, I can't breathe in space!

Ben: Augstaka has Oxygen. Don't worry.

Michael: Water has oxygen as well, but you don't see me breathing in it!

Ben: Ok, let me prove to you that you won't die.

He quickly turns into Portaler, creates a portal to Augstaka, and drags Michael through it.

Michael: You could've killed me!

Portaler: Before they do?

Three green tongues whip around Michael, and a Gourmand/Atasian hybrid pulls him away.

Michael: Get away!

He fires a small amount of golden energy at the hybrid, loosening his grip. Portaler rolls at it and fires spikes, making it let go of Michael.

Michael: I need energy!

Portaler: Gotcha.

Portaler turns into Mananite and fires mana at Michael, rejuvenating him. He fires a huge ball of energy, knocking the hybrid away. He then flies up to it, and starts draining its energy.

Michael: Yes...

Mananite gives Michael a disapproving look, and he stops draining the energy.

Mananite: Talk. Now. Who are you?

Hybrid: I am Gula. We've already taken most cities and now we're taking the citadel.

Michael: Citadel?

Gula: Your resistance is futile. (he whistles) Oh Ira!

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

Minor Events

  • TBA.



  • The Pure
    • Superbia (Leader; Half Celestialsapien)
    • Gula (Half Gourmand)
    • Luxuria (Half Nemunia)
    • Avaritia (Half Diabosian)
    • Tristitia (Half Galvanic Synthroid Type H)
    • Ira (Half Appolexian)
    • Acedia (Half Xenocyte)


Aliens Used

DNA samples added

  • Galvanic Synthroid Type H


  • The title is a refrence to the Doctor Who episode, Victory of the Daleks.
  • The names of the Highbreed are the Seven Deadly Sins in Latin.
  • The line "There are no prisoners." is based off of the same line said by Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.
  • When Reinrassic III says "Ben-Ben Tennyson, you are our only hope.", it's a refrence to the heavily memed Star Wars line "Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are our only hope.".

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