So...had fun? i hope you had fun, what gift did you guys got? 

Okay, let's talk why i wrote this blog post, christmas over so i change the theme, for new year! is it nice? well i hope so. So should we be back to work, let's write the episodes and i have some suggestion for that...

Season four or three (whichever is missing)

In this, it will feature how ben will see that Infern becomes a serious threat so he gathers every person he has met or so, and he will plan how to defeat him. last 5 episodes will be like this:

  • Ben v.s Infern part 1
  • Ben v.s Infern Part 2
  • Ben v.s Infern part 3
  • Back to Vilgax Part 1
  • Back to Vilgax Part 2

So i hope you understand what the episodes above are for,

The three part episodes will feature ben fighting Infern

Part 1 = Ben will get advices from Paradox, Azmuth and Grandpa Max. Paradox will show him what will happen if he dosn't stop Infern.

Part 2 = Ben and his team will start the War against Infern

Part 3 = Ben will come face to face with Infern, meaning? Ben (alone) will fight against Infern but sees himself failing..

Back to Vilgax Part 1 = Ben will atlast fail, before Infern can continue with his master-plan, vilgax uses the old machine, which he used for absorbing diagon, on Infern. Vilgax becomes even more powerful and again a threat.

Back to Vilgax Part 2 = Ben will fight against Vilgax, how? we will dicuss on a threat if you guys accept this idea.

Hope you guys accept what i have said on this entire threat!

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