Unfortunalately,i am not able to make anyone anything since i am an admin,not a crat.Since crat has the power to make anyone anything.

And on the other hand i am able to make only chatmod and disscusionmod and that is waybig101.

If you guys want to make Sixef a chatmod then give me his full username and that should be correct or else it will fail.

BTW i have contacted the wikia staff and said them to make waybig101 a beureacrat.

Beureacrat are more powerful than Admin and if it works,then waybig101 will once again be the Beureacrat and admin(if he likes)And CreeperDNA a content moderator and Sixef a Chat Moderator and me,i want to be a admin with waybig101 since i know how to edit the whole wiki and that will make us popular.

And everyone will be a rollback for safety of their stuff.

Thankyou for reading and forgive me if i have done something wrong.

Thankyou once again!

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