Ok, I made this blog to reply to Sen's blog (FYI, Sen asked me to write a blog after we discussed about his episode plot.

Ben vs Infern Part 1

Ben vs Infern Part 2

Ben vs Infern Part 3

These three episodes' plot will be the same as Sen mentioned. But I didn't agree with the Vilgax part when Sen and I were discussing because it was like copying the final episode of Ben 10: UA. So I made these episodes instead to make it interesting.

The Contingency Plan: Infern is defeated. But he hinted that he has a backup plan made if he has ever been defeated in the future.

Final Inferno: The device named Inferno made by Infern that got activated after Infern's defeat will destroy Galvan Prime and eventually the world. Ben must find it and destroy it before it destroys the world [You must put a twist about where the device, Inferno is located].

Please comment about this blog and the new episodes' plot.

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