Ultimate Diamondhead
Ultimate Diamondhead AR
General Information
Species Evolved Petrosapien
Home Planet Petropia
Body Crystalline Humanoid
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Super Durability
Size Alteration
Crystal Malleability
Diamond Projectiles
Advanced Diamond Manipulation
Unlimited Regeneration
Pyro Immunity
Cyro Immunity

Ultimate Diamondhead is an evolved Petrosapien from the planet Petropia. He is the evolved form of Diamondhead.


He has a purple pants similar to that of Diamondhead, except that he has a green belt and different diamond shapes on his shoulders and upper body. His back diamond stacks are longer than before.


He is stronger than before in terms of strength and power. Though now, he can manipulate his body diamonds to a larger extent, able to regenerate and morph his entire body. Also now, he can make it grow in size up to 20ft only. He can use his diamonds to build advanced structures or fire more advanced projectiles. He is also immune to lots of attacks, like fire or freezing.


Though he has near-unlimited regeneration abilities, if his head is shattered, he will die. Also, he can now be affected by lasers.


  • TBA


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