Ben 10: The New Omniverse
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date 06/10/16
Written by Sen
Directed by Sen
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A Cosmic Storm
Someone They Ate

Ben and his team go to Andromeda Galaxy and they meet the Aliens he saved from Aggregor. They happily let him scan their DNA and he aqquires the DNA.


[Ben]:Thanks for the DNA Guys!

[Bivalvan]:Its the least we can do for you Ben!

[Pandor]:Yeah you saved us from Aggregor!

[Ben]:It was my duty!

[Kevin]:Hey Ben! We are leaving now! Come fast!

[Ben]:Okay bye guys!

Ben sits in the Rustbucket III and they leave Andromeda Galaxy.

Noteworthy Events

  • Ben acquires the DNA sample of the Andromeda Galaxy



  • None

Aliens Used

  • None

DNA samples added

  • Orishans
  • Geochelone Aerio
  • Prypiatosian-B 
  • Talpaedan
  • Amperi


  • This is first short written by Sen100.
    • Therefore, this is the first short not written by Waybig.
The New Omniverse
Waybig (Creator) - Creeper - Jose - Sen - Dio - Rex - Omniverse9


Ben Tennyson - Gwen Tennyson - Kevin Levin - Rook Blonko

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