Squidstictor re
General Information
Species Cephalod-ae
Home Planet {{{home planet}}}
Body Squid
Abilities Tentacles
Enhanced Strength
Ink Shooting
Size Alteration
Underwater Breathing
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker

Squidstrictor is the Omnitrix MK10's DNA sample of a Cephalod-ae from Molluskus and is from the Asian play Power of the Omnitrix.


Squidstrictor is an orange animalistic alien with a jellyfish looking head, green eyes, and a body with multiple tentacles like a squid. The Omnitrix is located on the chest of the torso that connects the tentacles.

Powers and Abilities

Squidstrictor has multiple tentacles with powerful suckers. He has a powerful grip and incredible crushing abilities. His extended tentacles also help him "feel" the mana of everything he comes into contact with.

He has the ability to squeeze into small spaces, camouflage and spray a jet stream of ink that can blind enemies.


Squidstrictor has an aversion to strong light and can easily become entangled. He cannot stay out of water for longer than 20 minutes.

Squidstrictor's species are considered a delicacy by the whale-like species, Humpbackus, which share the Molluskus homeland.


The New Omniverse

By Ben

By Albedo

  • In Double Trouble, Squidstrictor made his first canon appearance. He was used to grab Kevin Levin and kidnap him.


The New Omniverse

By Ben

By Albedo


  • Power of the Omnitrix
  • The Rise Of VILEON


His name comes from "squid" and "constrictor".


  • Squidstrictor has never appeared in any canon media until The New Omniverse.
  • According to Waybig, Squidstrictor, along with Rocks, are in the Omnitrix MK10, and have been used by Ben off-screen.
  • Credits to Insanedude24 on DeviantArt for usage.


The New Omniverse
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