Sen Luis Ajen
General Information
Species Human
Home Planet {{{home planet}}}
Equipment Cosmotrix
Sen looks same as Ben Tennyson in TNO.
Sen Luis Ajen is a character in Sen15: The Beginning where he is told about Eon's plans, he gets ready to help Ben (Along with Kai and Curtis) to defeat Eon and comes to Ben 10 The New Omniverse's timeline.
Sen is very silent, brave, smart and serious. He became like this ever since his parents were killed by Caehorr, an alien conqueror. He never talks to anyone except when it is necessary.
Powers and Abilities
  • Sen is skilled in Karate and other fighting techniques.
  • Sen has Omnitrix named Cosmotrix.          
If his Cosmotrix times out or it is disabled, Sen can be defeated but he still knows Fighting techniques.

Sen is scared of Cockroaches, he is so scared that he will do anything to kill it.

Appearances in TNO
Sen didn't appeared in TNO yet.
  • Sen lives in Sienia town (fictional) in his timeline.
  • Waybig101 made this image for Sen100.


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