General Information
Species Sabbia Lepidopterran
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Body Bug-like himanoid
Abilities Flight
Sand Generation
Sand Manipulation
Sand Mimicry
Camouflage (In Sand)

SandTrap, formerly known as Sandbox, is the Ultimatrix MK10's DNA sample of a Sabbia Lepidopterran from an unknown planet. He will appear in Ben 10: The New Omniverse.


SandTrap, because of his wings and lightness, can fly. SandTrp, as it says in his name, has the power to create and control sand. He can generate sand from his hands or the sides of his cheeks. SandTrap has sand mimicry, in which he is made up of sand, and can transform his body into sand. Because of being made of sand, SandTrap is especially flexible. SandTrap is also durable, but he can be blown away or washed away easily.

SandTrap also has the power to manipulate sand. He can make more sand in beaches, and he can even create shapes out of sand. He can make his sand harden, and form into a wall. He can also trap his enemies in his sand as well. He can also regenerate parts of his body. Sandbox can camouflage himself in sand due to being made out of it. He is very elastic and can not be torn apart easily.


One of SandTrap's major weaknesses is his weakness against water. He can be washed away by water, and his sand can also be washed away. His sand constructs are about as tough as paper, and they can be blown away by wind or washed away by water. SandTrap has a limit on how much sand he can create. Another weakness SandTrap has is that is sand manipulation is very bad, he can hardly make advanced shapes like a cube or sphere. Because of this, SandTrap is more of a defense alien, using his sand to build walls to make it harder for his enemies to chase him. SandTrap is also very slow. If his wings are wet, he loses his power to fly. His sand ca also be melted by fire and turned into glass. Sandbox cannot regenerate himself I he is being torn apart continuously.


  • Ken was greatly disappointed when he heard he had Sandbox in his Omnitrix.
  • SandTrap was used by Ben off screen before his debut in The New Aliens.
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