General Information
Species Basalt
Home Planet Andesite
Body Stone Humanoid
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Earthquake Manipulation

Environmental Adaptation

Voice Actor Kirby Morrow

Rocks is the Omnitrix MK10's DNA sample of a Basalt from the planet Andesite. He will appear in The New Omniverse.



Powers and Abilities

Rocks is shown to have geokinesis, or the ability to manipulate and generate rocks, dust, and earth. Rocks can also control massive amounts of earth (Example: a mountain) and can even change and manipulate any type of terrain (For Example: a mountain or a valley). Rocks can bury/submerge peoples or objects beneath any sort of surface into element, whether that is earth, dust or sand as well. Rocks can also create, shape and manipulate dirt, commonly to trap enemies. Rocks is also shown to have the power to immobilize enemies by covering them in a layer of earth. If Rocks has enough energy he could also have the ability to move tectonic plates and generate fractures and chasm.

He has super-human strength and can manipulate earthquakes. Rocks' earthquake manipulation can be used to cause earthquakes and fissures. Also, Rocks can create shaking tremors along surfaces (walls, ceilings, etc.) to create dust and dust particles to discover a hidden enemy.

Rocks' home planet may be a dangerous place for humans to like, but the Basalt race is very skilled at adapting to their environment.


Rocks is cumbersome and not very fast or agile. Water is dangerous to him as over time, it erodes his body and weakens his strength.

Like all Basalts, Rocks cannot swim. In fact, in water, Rocks sinks like a stone. However, Rocks is able to breathe underwater.


  • Rocks has never appeared in any canon media.
  • According to Waybig101, Rocks, along with Squidstrictor, are in the Omnitrix MK10, and they will be used by Ben in The New Omniverse.
The New Omniverse
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