General Information
Species Unknown
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Body humanoid
Abilities alternating size

Massroom is the Omnitrix MK10's sample of an unknown species from SMB. He is a free use alien.


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Massroom is about 4 ft tall


Massroom has the power to grow up to 60 ft and shrink down to 12 cm.

When Massroom is at 5in or smaller he is light enough to run on water.

When Massroom is 50 ft or taller, he has enough strength to lift a school bus.

By holding onto his hat like a parachute, he can float in the sky.

Massroom has a star mode in which he is invincible for 30 seconds. While in star mode, he glows rainbow like color.

Massroom has the power to heal injuries or diseases.


Massroom's main power is also is main weakness. If Massroom is small enough, he can be caught by enemies.

If Massroom is super tall, his size can give him away and he is an easy target. He is also slow when he is tall.


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