General Information
Species Anodite
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Body Energy Humanoid
Abilities Mana Manipulation
Mana Projection
Mana Absorption
Limited Reality Warping
Size Alteration

Mananite is the Omnitrix MK10's Energy sample of an Anodite from Adoyne.


Mananite is a strong, bulky humanoid with purple skin color and pink energy around him. He wears the Omnitrix MK10 symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Manadite in human form can manipulate mana at a lesser degree than in his true form for a variety of effects, such as: limited reality-warping, energy manipulation, flight, telekinesis, object creation and dissipation, opening portals, repairing objects, elemental manipulation, telepathy, dowsing, memory manipulation and invisibility.

In his true form, his vast power allow Mananite to warp reality, survive in and fly across space, teleport himself and others across space and dimensions, create a body of his choice, and can draw in mana from everything around him. He also has a degree of enhanced strength and durability, able to take big rocks and strong attacks without being hurt.

Manadite can communicate with other Anodites through the mana field.

The more mana Mananite draws in, the more powerful the Anodite becomes.

It does, however, require about 75 years before Manadite can fully master all of his powers and abilities. Using his full power without mastering their powers would result in him being overwhelmed and losing his identity.


Mananite cannot track Ectonurites, as they have no mana, nor does his tracking work well with non-biological life forms.

His mana attacks are useless against Geochelone Aerios.


  • Mananite debuts in 10+10, where he is scanned from his Dimension 7 counterpart, Charmette.
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