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Road Trip

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Voiced by:

Ryan Grassmeyer

Jeff is a criminal and a henchman to Infern. He usually loses, unless the person he is fighting is fatter and dumber than Jeff.


Jeff is a burglar and robber, who has dirty blond hair and brown eyes. He seems to be a car thief when he is first shown using tools to steal a vehicle. Jeff is also pretty strong and although he has his reputation as a thief, doesn't hurt to ask people to help him at times, often with a "no" response. He also apparently enjoys eating junk food (chips, two big beefy burgers with fries), which may explain his plump appearance. As a result, he can suffer from fatigue very quick and easy. Jeff also lives in a sloppy looking apartment room.


Jeff wears a white t-shirt with cargo pants. He is overweight and has chest hair. He has long blonde hair, and a blonde beard. He wears a wrist guard that has the Mutantrix symbol on it, on his right wrist.


Since he is human, he does not have any abilities, except what humans can do until he permanently became an Orishan

In addition to his armored exoskeleton, which protects his body from damage and even radiation, Jeff can absorb moisture through the port holes in his hands. He can also launch pressurized water blasts from these same holes.

Jeff is able to manipulate water and even mold it into a wide variety of shapes.


He has the same weaknesses as humans.

Also, Yogi Bear is smarter than him.



  • He is based off of Henry Danger 's Jeff, another criminal who is very bad at his job.
    • His voice actor is the same person who portrayed Jeff from Henry Danger.
  • According to Waybig101, Jeff once ran for president. It didn't go so well.

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