Hightide (TNO)
Hightide TNO
General Information
Species T'zun Army
Home Planet {{{home planet}}}
DNA Source Unknown
Body Humanoid Water
Abilities Hydrokinesis
Water Merging
Water Absorption
Water Projection
Enhanced Strength
Space Survivability
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker

Hightide is the Ultimatrix MK10's DNA sample of a T'zun Army from the T'zeen Nebula.


Hightide is, by default, a humanoid figure made of water. He has three fingers on each hand, and his feet form puddles with thin sea foam around them. The Ultimatrix MK10 is located on his translucent chest.

Albedo as Hightide

Negative Hightide is extremely different from his other counterpart. This Hightide's water is now red and pink instead of blue. The recreated Ultimatrix is located on his chest. He also has red eyes.

Powers and Abilities

Hightide is made of water, and as such can shape-shift freely. He can increase his body mass significantly by absorbing more water from other sources. Hightide can also survive inside larger bodies of water, even if he cannot control all of it at once. He tends to appear as a cloud of sea foam like this.

He can freely manipulate water up two twice his current mass at any given point that is outside his body. He can pull this water towards himself to absorb it and increase his mass, or he can use it as a weapon. Naturally this ability is reliant on his environment.

He can project pressurised water blasts either from his mouth, hands, or feet. However, doing so diminishes his body mass, forcing him to find a new source of water to regenerate himself.

Uniquely for liquids and liquid-based aliens, Hightide can survive in the vacuum of space, providing it is warm enough that he does not freeze immediately.


Projecting water diminishes Hightide's body mass, making it a very finite attack. The attack weakens the less mass he has, and so does he.

He is vulnerable to being frozen, vastly slowing down his movement.

He can be evaporated by high temperatures, killing him if he is not careful.

He also cannot manipulate frozen water or steam.




  • This alien was made by Aaron.
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