Gwen 100
Gwen 100
General Information
Species Human
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Equipment Omnitrix
First Appearance Gwen 10 Returns
Voice Actor Laura Bailey

Gwendolyn "Gwen" Lynn Tennyson is an alternate version of Gwen, who found the Omnitrix, instead of Ben.


Gwen 10 looks exactly like her 17-year-old main timeline self, except that she has her shirt from Omniverse, but with dark purple on it instead. She wears the Omnitrix on her left wrist.

Her Omnitrix looks just like the Omnitrix and Omnitrix MK10 but it is stylized in the color scheme of her shirt. In addition, its energy is pink in color, instead of green.


Gwen's personality is similar but yet different than her main counterpart. This Gwen is cheerful and likes to goof off at times, but like Ben Prime, will be serious in times of trouble, like when a serious threat like Vilgax, Eon, or Aggregor are attacking.

After five years, she still tends to make sarcastic comments directed at the alternate Bens about some of their quirks or levels of intelligence while also being a very caring and courageous person who believes that family is the one thing that one should be able to count on above anything else.

Gwen 100, like Ben Prime tries to ignore the fame, but secretly, like Ben 23, she also enjoys the fame. She does not let the fame get to her head however. She also has a little anger on her side, as she constantly insists that Ben Prime and Ben 23 call her Gwen "100", instead of Gwen or Gwen "10".

Powers and Abilities

Gwen 10 possesses the Omnitrix, having been the one to discover it in her timeline. Through it, she can transform into various aliens and utilize their respective powers. Having never taken off the Omnitrix at age 12 like Ben Prime did, she has unlocked over 100 aliens by the time of 14. She is currently waiting for her 978 alien to unlock.


Like the original Omnitrix, Gwen 10's Omnitrix times out after a few minutes and needs time to recharge before it can be used again. Like all other Bens, when a new transformation has been unlocked, she will not understand its powers for a few. This Gwen has a serious allergy to pollen, like Ben Prime has an allergy to peanuts.


  • Professor Paradox referenced this Gwen's timeline as one of the alternate realities that exist while explaining how cross-time works to Ben, Gwen, and Kevin.
  • Gwen 100, unlock the other Gwen 10, names her alien forms.
  • Using her intelligence, she was smart enough to use Grey Matter to unlock 300 transformations shortly after getting the watch.
  • Credits to Dio for the base.

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