Green Ninja
Green ninja
General Information
Species Revonnahgander
Home World Revonnah
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sharp claws
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Agility
First Appearance Four Times The Fun

Green Ninja is the Omnitrix MK10's DNA sample of a Revonnahgander, from the planet Revonnah.


Green Ninja is tall, with periwinkle-green colored fur, black markings on his face, and pointed ears. The middle of his face, his chest and his stomach are white. He has black stripes on his shoulders, waist, lower legs and lower arms. He wears very durable green-and-black armor.


Despite having feline features, Green Ninja is able to resist anyone with the ability to mind control cats.

Green Ninja are shown to have above average agility and can jump high distances.

Green Ninja is shown to have good hand-to-hand combat skills.
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