General Information
Species unknown
Home Planet {{{home planet}}}
Body Fire-Icy Humanoid
Abilities Cyrokinesis
Cyro Immunity
Pyro Immunity
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Ice Breath
Fire Breath
Hydrokinesis (through cancelling)
Voice Actor Vincent Tong

FreezeSmith is a new alien in Ben 10: The New Omniverse. He is the Omnitrix MK10's DNA sample of an unknown species from the planet Mykydyly.


FreezeSmith has an odd and interesting appearance. His body looks similar to that of Whampire, with the same black claws. He has a flame head, while half is fire and the other half is ice. His body is half fire, half ice, while his torso is the opposite. He appears to have the same mouth as Big Chill.


Since FreezeSmith's species come from the planet Mykydyly, their main powers are cryokinesis and pyrokinesis; along with pyro and cryo immunity. By cancelling his powers out, FreezeSmith can possess hydrokineis. FreezeSmith can also shoot ice and fire out of his hands. FreezeSmith also possesses fir breath and ice breath.

FreezeSmith is shown to have great strength and agility, along with great reflexes.

FreezeSmith also possesses flight, at which he can fly at great speeds.


Since his species is immune to both fire and ice, FreezeSmith cannot freeze or melt other members of his species. He can also not melt or freeze other species with cyro immunity and pyro immunity. His ice attacks are not as strong as other species like Necrofriggians and Polar Mandarzillis. Nor are is fire attacks as strong as Methanosians and Pyronites.

His fire side can be cooled down in water and then he can be frozen.



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