Ben 10: The New Omniverse
Season 1, Episode 18
Written by Creeper
Directed by Waybig
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To Dimension X We Go!
Failure: Part 1


It opens to 11 year old Ben transforming into Wildmutt and running through a forest. Gwen is behind him, trying to catch up, but to no avail. Eventually, a mana shield appears in front of Wildmutt, who crashes into it and turns back into Ben.

Gwen: I'm not one of them!

Ben: How can I trust you?! Grandpa was a Limax.

Gwen: Please Ben! All of the Limax are gone.

Ben: You have 10 seconds to prove it.

Ben hovers his hand over the Prototype Omnitrix, with the hologram of Way Big shown.

Gwen: I-I....

Ben: Nine...Eight...Seven...

Gwen: I'll show you where the Limax hideout is!

Ben: And how exactly do you know where that is?

Gwen: Uhh....

Gwen's body melts and deforms into a Limax.

Limax: We only came here because our home planet was attacked! A Methanosian named Infern attacked us and devastated the cities! The humans are safe but Infern will find us; he will always find us! I'm warning you now, just don't hurt me!

Ben slaps down on the Omnitrix and is engulfed in a green light. In an instant he's Way Big.

Way Big: Well... I suppose I can let you go just this once...

He leans down to face the Limax

Way Big: But answer me this...WHERE. IS. GWEN?

Limax: She and the others are evactuating, we told them how much damage Infern could do.

Just then, a ship smashes into Way Big, knocking him down. He turns around and tries to hold it, but it continues to push him backwards. The Limax transforms into a copy of Way Big and helps him, and eventually the ship slows down and stops. Way Big transforms back to Ben ans the Limax transforms back to it's original form

Ben: Boy that was close!





Aliens Used

By Ben

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