Evil Jen
General Information
Species Human (clone)
Home Planet {{{home planet}}}
Equipment Omnitrix

Evil Jen is the twin sister of Evil Ben 7. She made her first appearance in Double Trouble. Dhe is the evil clone of Jen Tennyson.


She looks exactly like Jen 10, but with really pale skin and has red eyes instead.


he has the exact same personality as Jen since she is a clone of her, but more lazy as she rarely used her Omnitrix and only transformed into Evil Slimy.


She has the exact same powers as Jen, along with an Omnitrix.


Same as Jen

Asscesible aliens

It is unknown how many aliens that Evil Jen has, but theses are the ones she has transformed into:


Evil Jen made her first appearance in Double Trouble, being created by Albedo to fight Jen. She used her Omnitrix and transformed into Slimy, the Jen 10 variant of Goop. She, along with the other Evil Omnitrix counterparts, defeated Ben, Ben 7, Jen, and Ben 23. Later they came back and Jen as Radiation Girl, the Jen 10 variant of NRG, defeated Slimy, transforming her back to Evil Jen. Jen then transformed into Slimy and squeezed Evil Jen, destroying her.


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