David Scott Tennyson
General Information
Species Human
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David Scott Tennyson is Ben Tennyson's son in an alternate timeline. He has a twin brother named Jonah Luigi Tennyson. He first appeared in the episode, Just Ben.


He looks similar to that of his father's real and alternate son, Ken. He wears a green shirt and blue jeans just like his father. His hair color is the same as his father's also while his skin color is like his mother's. He wears the same shoes and has the same hairstyle as Ken Tennyson too.


His personality is more like Ben's while his brother's is more like their mother.


He first appeared in the episode Just Ben as Ben's alternate son. He, along with his twin brother and mother, aided his father to help him defeat Jack Jenie. After Jack is defeated, this timeline, along with Dab=vid, is erased from existence.


He only has the ordinary powers of a human but he also is super smart and always aces his tests.


He has the weaknesses of a human, but he is also allergic to chocolate.

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