General Information
Species Human
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Equipment Ultimatrix II

Curtis is a plumber and now a partner of Ben Tennyson starting in Season 2.


Curtis has brown hair and eyes along with a green jacket and blue shirt. He wears jeans and grey shoes.


Prior to Universes United

Curtis was just a normal 16 year old teenager until he accidentally discovered Plumber HQ. Max Tennyson decided to make him a plumber and give him the Ultimatrix II. He was originally going to be the partner of Ben but then Max met Rook Blonko, and he became Ben's partner.

Universes United

Curtis (Along with Kai and Sen) went with Ben to save all other Bens from Eon. Afterwards, he became a member of Ben's team


His main power is the same as any omnitrix wielder, the ability to transform into sapient species. However, Curtis has the power to evolve these aliens too.

He also has the same powers as humans.

He is pretty smart also, as he gets 95% or above on all his high school finals.


Whenever the Ultimatrix II times out, he is left powerless until he transforms again. However, he is petty strong without using the Ultimatrix II.



  • According to Waybig101:
    • This is not the same Curtis from the series Curtis 10.
    • His color scheme was originally pink but was changed.
    • His jacket's color code is #37CA37, which is Waybig's new favorite color.