Cosmotrix is a device found by Sen Luis Ajen which Teleported itself to his room.


Cosmotrix resembles a smartwatch, with the intergalactic peace symbol and Touch-Sensing yellow buttons at it's side.


Currently the Cosmotrix's Imformation is unknown.


  • Cosmotrix can alter the DNA of the user and transform him/her into other creature, say, Aliens.
  • Cosmotrix can scan Aliens or other Creatures by their DNA, Energy or Mana
  • The Cosmotrix has a quick change feature.
  • Manually touching the Cosmotrix symbol, allows the user to immediately turn back to normal.
  • The Cosmotrix would alter its size to fit the user's size.
  • The Cosmotrix could show a database image of all aliens unlocked.


  • The Cosmotrix has AI (Artificial Intelligence).
  • The Cosmotrix has a built-in Universal Translator.
  • The Cosmotrix has a feature to lock aliens or a alien with security option.

Colour Coding

The Cosmotrix shows 7 colours.

  • Green: Active Mode
  • Red: Recharge Mode
  • Yellow: Capture Mode (a black circle is formed on the screen)
  • Aqua: Controlled
  • Orange: Self Destruct Mode
  • Black: Deactivated
  • White: Not Working Properly

Display Mode

Cosmotrix has Four display mode.

  • Black silhouettes of the aliens.
  • Holograms of Aliens.
  • 3D view of the Alien with colours.
  • 2D view of the Alien with colours.


  • The clothing of a Alien is set by the creator of Cosmotrix, it can be changed in the settings.


  • The Cosmotrix was in the center of the chest area on every alien for easy access.

Voice Command

  • The Cosmotrix can be controlled by voice, called Voice Command.

Appearances in TNO