• Waybig101

    Hey guys, I know this isn't for TNO, but I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek of Twin Omnitrixes.

    So you know how Fasttrack, Jetray, and ChamAlien didn't appear in Omniverse.... Well, I've decided to make them new designs!

    So for Jetray I decided to give him a gem on his forehead like Swift had. ChamAlien (He's got fingernails) nothing much, just switched the trix for an Omniverse one and gave him a new styled tail. And Sonic the Hedgehog, uh, I mean Fasttrack now has a new color scheme (totally not the same as Sonic from Sonic X), as well as gloves (Not from Sonic either), and totally not Sonic's nose. Fasttrack now has track shoes and green pants. He now has a green patch on his left shoulder holding the Omnitrix. well that's pretty much…

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  • Omniverse9

    Inactive For A While

    March 3, 2017 by Omniverse9

    I wrote about this on a blog on BTFF.

    Please read it because I can't make another blog about it.

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  • Sen100

    New Feature! Announcements

    February 12, 2017 by Sen100

    Well Well, Sen has once again fiddled with the main page and redecorated it! 

    You Guys might have seen the new main page, is it good?

    You guys may also have noticed the Announcements thingy, i didn't copy it from BTFF or from anywhere, i made it myself! Let it be, i wanted to tell you guys something....

    Whenever you guys have anything new or added a new feature, please add it on that Announcements section. It was made for that purpose only...

    Pending announcements addition:-

    • Creeper's MassEdit

    If some other announcements are pending or you want to announce something, please add it on that section.

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  • Sen100

    Happy New Year: 2017!

    January 1, 2017 by Sen100

    So, 2016 went away and 2017 came upon us!

    We worked very much for TNO in 2016 and now it's 2017, let's utilise this year to make TNO a success. (maybe january will be enough)

    also let's make a special episode for 2017.

    Let's change the wiki logo and theme for the New year. You guys change the logo and i will change the theme.

    That was all about today's blog post.

    Happy New Year Everyone!

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  • Sen100

    Template Admin

    January 1, 2017 by Sen100

    Hello everyone, i just wanted to say that whenever you guys change your profile picture or become admin,Crat...

    Then please change the Avatar of yours in the Template:Admin and Template:Crat,

    Jose and Rex have to change Avatar in the templates and Dio has to add his pepicture in it.

    I will remind you guys whenever you guys do anything from the above..

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  • Omniverse9

    Ok, I made this blog to reply to Sen's blog (FYI, Sen asked me to write a blog after we discussed about his episode plot.

    Ben vs Infern Part 1

    Ben vs Infern Part 2

    Ben vs Infern Part 3

    These three episodes' plot will be the same as Sen mentioned. But I didn't agree with the Vilgax part when Sen and I were discussing because it was like copying the final episode of Ben 10: UA. So I made these episodes instead to make it interesting.

    The Contingency Plan: Infern is defeated. But he hinted that he has a backup plan made if he has ever been defeated in the future.

    Final Inferno: The device named Inferno made by Infern that got activated after Infern's defeat will destroy Galvan Prime and eventually the world. Ben must find it and destroy it before i…

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  • Sen100

    Christmas Over!

    December 26, 2016 by Sen100

    So...had fun? i hope you had fun, what gift did you guys got? 

    Okay, let's talk why i wrote this blog post, christmas over so i change the theme, for new year! is it nice? well i hope so. So should we be back to work, let's write the episodes and i have some suggestion for that...

    Season four or three (whichever is missing)

    In this, it will feature how ben will see that Infern becomes a serious threat so he gathers every person he has met or so, and he will plan how to defeat him. last 5 episodes will be like this:

    • Ben v.s Infern part 1
    • Ben v.s Infern Part 2
    • Ben v.s Infern part 3
    • Back to Vilgax Part 1
    • Back to Vilgax Part 2

    So i hope you understand what the episodes above are for,

    The three part episodes will feature ben fighting Infern

    Part 1 = Ben w…

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  • Waybig101

    Help for Movie

    December 17, 2016 by Waybig101

    Ok, I know this isn't related to TNO but would any of you like to help me with a movie for the Christmas season. OR we could wait until next year for the season 3 of TNO and make it then. So basically it is like the Christmas Carol wth some minor differences (mainly the characters)

    I would need help with some art, if anyone would like to help.

    • Create a new Christmas Future, a Ben with a glowing green omnitrix and a hooded jacket with his hood up, not showing his face.
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  • Sen100

    Halloween Event

    October 10, 2016 by Sen100

    I think we should change the theme to better match the Halloween theme! We will also have a competition in which we will see who will write the most horrific story!

    How's that sounds.

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  • Sen100

    Episode Suggestion

    October 8, 2016 by Sen100

    Episode title= A mutated Omnitrix

    Plot=In this,Mutantatrix will be introduced.It will be made by Dr.Psychobos for Infern,since Infern threatens him and Psychobos makes it fearing that Infern will Kill him.

    This episode may happen in Season 2 or 3.(it will be waybig's opinion)

    So what do you guys think?

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  • Sen100


    October 6, 2016 by Sen100

    This is not a enjoying event,its an event on which we will almost finish TNO.

    So i would like you guys to tell me when you all are free and we will hold a event on which we will finish TNO.

    So if you are free tomorrow then we hold it tomorrow or else other day.

    Tell me in the comments what you guys think.

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  • Sen100


    October 2, 2016 by Sen100

    I want to know how to place pictures side by side.Since i made a article known as Sen's Gallery,i cant place the pictures side by side.

    If you guys can do it please can you edit it please.

    And i think we should change the colour of this wiki since green looks somewhat boring and also it is like we copied it from Ben10 fanfiction or Ben10 Planet.Therefore we should change it to some not boring colour(Atttactive or good looking).

    For more staff members we should create a blog or thread on BTFF for signups.

    And i want to make atleast one episode by me please let me make one episode atleast.I will write the next episode after jurassic planet.

    Thanks for reading!

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  • Sen100


    September 18, 2016 by Sen100

    Unfortunalately,i am not able to make anyone anything since i am an admin,not a crat.Since crat has the power to make anyone anything.

    And on the other hand i am able to make only chatmod and disscusionmod and that is waybig101.

    If you guys want to make Sixef a chatmod then give me his full username and that should be correct or else it will fail.

    BTW i have contacted the wikia staff and said them to make waybig101 a beureacrat.

    Beureacrat are more powerful than Admin and if it works,then waybig101 will once again be the Beureacrat and admin(if he likes)And CreeperDNA a content moderator and Sixef a Chat Moderator and me,i want to be a admin with waybig101 since i know how to edit the whole wiki and that will make us popular.

    And everyone will …

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